Pension planning

Benefit from our experience – independent and neutral 

Pension and retirement are complex topics. With our profound knowledge, we provide you with competent consulting services. We support you in making the right decisions – neutral, independent and without conflicting interests. 

Consulting for companies

A company has to spend a significant percentage for pension plans. The employer has to pay at least half of these costs. Therefore, a company should question on a regular basis whether the existing pension solution still corresponds to the actual situation of the company. 

We analyse your existing pension plans and compare them to your actual personnel and salary structure. By doing this you learn if you already benefit from all possible tax optimisation opportunities in mandatory and non-mandatory pension plans and if there is any further potential to improve your solution. 

We support you in developing an appropriate and innovative pension plan concept and assists you in case you decide to change your pension plan. 

Consulting for private individuals

Almost every day the increase of the retirement age, the decrease of the conversion rate for pension plans, the minimum interest rate and flexibility in the pension age are in the media. When have you analysed your retirement situation the last time? From the age of 50 we recommend a regular evaluation of the situation. In order to simplify, we have developed a new advisory approach that summarises topics and at the same time shows you significant weak points. It is worth to clarify major issues at an early stage.

To be accompanied during the process to retirement requires trust. Our pension experts have long-time experience in retirement planning. We are pleased to analyse your personal situation. You will benefit in any case – in the form of an initial assessment or of a second opinion.